Who Should You Contact?

Members of Congress were elected to represent a particular district of citizens.  Therefore, they are primarily concerned with the opinions of THEIR CONSTITUENTS.   Whenever you contact your senator or representative make sure to include your mailing address and ZIP code. Mail and email from non-constituents is usually ignored.

How to Write a Letter to Congress

Remember that when you write a letter or an email that the more effort you put into the letter the more impact it will have.  Consider handwriting the letter in your best handwriting.  Also, the shorter and more succinct the letter is, focusing on just one main point, will have much more impact than a long rambling letter.

Sending mail or packages to Congress

Soon after 11 September 2001, when regular mail is sent to a congressman or congresswoman’s Washington, CD office, it is irradiated.  This process means that the delivery time for mail takes one to two weeks longer to arrive at their offices.

Sending Faxes to Congress

Faxes will get though to the congressional office… eventually.  When you fax you need to expect to have to redial many times before your fax will be transmitted.

Sending eMails to Congress

Most all senators and representatives no longer have public email addresses.  Some congressional staff will have email addresses that can be used, but they are not always easy to find.


Instead of email, most legislators now use web forms that can be found on their congressional webpage or personal homepages.   These are the primary electronic way to contact congress.

Courier Services

Couriers do deliver to Capital Hill, this is faster than regular mail but be aware that they are expensive.

Making a Phone Call

Phone calls are the quickest way to contact your legislator.  You can find your congressman phone number using CongressLookup or your can call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121

July 25th, 2012

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